Air Travel: Pros and Cons


Since the launching of passenger airplane, it has been very popular among travelers. It is certainly one of the most convenient and sometimes the only way to travel somewhere. Air travel has provided us the opportunity to see the world. Air travel takes less time and allows us to spend more time on the actual destination. However, this facility also comes with some disadvantages along with the benefits. Travelling by plane will save your time but not the money. A better service requires more money, which is same for air travel. Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Air Travel.

The Time

It is beyond any doubt that air travel is the fastest way of getting anywhere in the world. When you travel to someplace by plane, it will shorten the travel time. There are also some high speed train facilities in many countries, but not faster than a plane. When you are planning a trip to a farther destination, it is better to fly by plane. The travelling time will be reduced significantly if the distance is long. But if you are travelling to a nearby destination, it is better to take the car or train. Early arrival at airport and facing the formalities can be problematic in air travel.

More Convenient

Air travel is also a more convenient way of travelling. When you are not travelling by a plane, you will have to manage all the luggage’s and carries on your own. But with air travel, you won’t have to think about those bags, airlines will take care of those for you. You can sit back and relax without thinking about the annoying road traffic. Travelling by road will test your physical and mental fitness, as you will have to stay alert during the travel. In air travel, there is no need to think about anything.

The Formalities of Airport

One of the worst nightmare for air travelers, the endless formalities of airports. Check in, check out, checking passports and other papers, checking the luggage’s and many more hassles. Some travelers just avoid travelling by air to get rid of those hassles. There are many security points in an airport and you will be checked during each points. Also, each of those points will have a long line of waiting passengers. People often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable during those security checks and scanning. Air travel can be unpleasing sometime due to those issues.


Now the most important factor, the cost. Air travelling will cost you a lot. It is often considered as a con of air travelling. The ticket prices are extremely high and hard to get. Travelling by air will cut a huge portion from your overall trip budget. Of course, you will reach your destination a lot earlier but with a smaller amount of money. It is wise to choose air travel when you are travelling to a farther destination. For shorter distance, you should choose cars or trains.